Mysterious, '3-Species' Mermaid-like Creature Discovered In 1960 Continues To Baffle Scientists

Mysterious, '3-Species' Mermaid-like Creature Discovered In 1960 Continues To Baffle Scientists

We are making advances in space travel, yet there are still mysteries to be solved back home on our planet. There's no need to turn to the heavens for enigmas. One such mystery is the existence of a frightening mummified, mermaid-like creature unearthed by archaeologists years ago. 

Who discovered the mysterious creature? 

This strange-looking creature reportedly 'resembles a fish, a monkey, and a reptile' and was acquired from Japan by an American sailor who donated it to the Clark County Historical Society in Springfield, Ohio in 1960. 

After more than 40 years, the scientific world is finally ready to uncover its secrets, according to The Sun, as they thoroughly investigated the mummy for the first time.

What did it look like?

For decades, museum visitors have been amazed by the creature's sharp teeth, enormous claws, fish-like lower half, and grey hair. Scientists studied its X-ray and CT scan for the first time to identify its exact composition. 

Why is it mysterious? 

According to Northern Kentucky University radiologist Joseph Kress, this organism "appears to be of three different species" based on its outer appearance. Its body is made up of a fish's tail, a crocodile or other lizard's arms, and a monkey's head and torso. 

However, its species remains unknown. It could have belonged to a long-extinct species. More information will be released when the mummy's examinations proceed.

How many similar species have been discovered before?

Many myths and legends about 'merpeople' exist in many parts of the world. In Fiji, the remains of what is believed to be a real mermaid were worshipped in the Asakuchi temple. 

It was later determined to be made of cotton, paper, and fabric, with fish scales and animal hair as ornamentation. Kurashiki University of Science and Arts researchers determined that the artificial Fiji mermaid was constructed in the late 1800s. 

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