Sweet Turtles Mating! Natural Sound...

Sweet Turtles Mating! Natural Sound...

Over half of all turtle species are threatened by pollution and other human-caused issues.

Turtles are a broad group of animals, and they’ve existed on this earth for quite some time. There are over 300 different species, and each one has unique facts about its behaviors, diets, and appearances.

They can be found on land and in the sea, but more species are sea turtles. Unfortunately, that also means that more sea turtles are at risk of extinction.

4 Incredible Turtle Facts!
Here are some fun turtle facts.
  • Though many people use the phrases “tortoise” and “turtle” interchangeably, they are not the same animal.
  • Turtles don’t participate in hibernation like other reptiles.
  • Most sea turtles abandon their eggs on the shore, allowing them to hatch on their own before making their way to the ocean.
  • The average pet turtle has a lifespan of nearly 80 years with the right care.

Turtle vs. Tortoise
These two animals are rather close together, but the facts show that they are much different. Tortoises have a much longer lifespan, which correlates with their large size.


The common name of the turtle is simply that – turtle. Their scientific name is Testudines, and the only other names that they go by are their particular species. Most of these animals are broken down simply into sea turtles and land-based turtles, though most land-based turtles are actually tortoises.

The turtle belongs to the Reptilia class in the Cheloniidae family, which primarily represents sea turtles. The word “Testudines” comes from the Latin word “testa,” which means “shell.”

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