Proboscis Monkeys mating stock video 4K

Proboscis Monkeys mating stock video 4K


The Proboscis Monkey is a medium-sized arboreal primate that is found exclusively in the rainforests of Borneo. The male Proboscis Monkey is not only one of the largest monkeys in Asia but they are also one of the world’s most distinctive mammals, having a long and fleshy nose and a large, swollen stomach.

Although having slightly larger noses and a protruding stomach are defining of the Colobine (Leaf) Monkey family, these features on the Proboscis Monkey are more than double the size of their closest relatives.

The Proboscis Monkey today, however, is extremely threatened in its natural environment with deforestation having a devastating impact on the unique habitats where the Proboscis Monkey is found.

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Adults are mainly pale orange to light brown in color with a richer colored head and shoulders and grey limbs and tail, and a light pink face.

The protruding nose of the Proboscis Monkey develops with age with infants having more monkey-like noses and older mature males having larger and more bulbous ones. Although scientists are still unsure as to exactly why the nose of the Proboscis

Monkey grows so big, it is widely believed to be to do with attracting a female mate as the noses of females are much smaller.

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