Hot Miami Styles Fashion Show / FLL Fashion Week 2023

Hot Miami Styles Fashion Show / FLL Fashion Week 2023


This is the full video for the Hot Miami Styles Fashion Show during the FLL Fashion Week 2023. This fashion show was hosted in Fort Lauderdale at the Broward Convention Center. 

0:00 intro 

0:14 Claudia 

0:35 Amber Quinn 

1:04 Silvia 

1:32 Karen Rodriguez 

1:56 Lucero 

2:17 Jasmine Blanford

2:44 Sherry Foreign

3:11 Patricia Pearl 

3:37 Kira 

4:08 Marissa DuBois

4:39 Kamora 

5:06 Briana Smith 

5:30 Nel 

5:56 Continued.

14:05 Final Walk-Through 

"I read it for the articles...'" / Great soundtrack.  After a while the dreamy music seemed to  segued into an almost hypnotic like feel,  as the grace in movement by a selection  of full figured woman, took  my breath away.   These few moments of viewing helped "ease my pain",  as I bob and weave through a reality all too often devoid of such beauty, such fertile ground for the imagination.   Man, I needed this.  Love.  🌿🌹🌿


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