Horses Try Mating In the Zoo

Horses Try Mating In the Zoo


Horses of all sizes and sorts are part of petting zoos and other attractions, but the most famous ones to live in zoos today are Przewalski’s horses. You can see this animal at the Smithsonian National Zoo. The Przewalksi, or Asian wild horse, is actually the last surviving wild subspecies of the domestic animal. Many zoos participate in conservation efforts. Przewalski’s horse is famous for its shaggy, dark-colored mane and tail.

The Equus ferus caballus is the only species of horse alive today. However, it has many breeds that are based on their purpose or use. This means that the characteristics and traits a horse will have are dependent on how it was bred and what it needs to be able to do. For example, an Andalusian was developed as a riding horse with advanced dressage skills due to its powerful body and refined features.

Meanwhile, draft horses such as Clydesdales were bred for demanding farm work like pulling heavy wagons. Other breeds have been developed for light agricultural tasks (Belgian), carriage pulling (Cleveland Bay), sports disciplines (Akhal Teke), or kept as pets (Shetland pony). All in all, there are between 350-400 different types of horses depending on who you ask – each breed being specialized with certain purposes in mind.


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