crossbreed chihuabull | #Chihuahua | #Americanbully

crossbreed chihuabull | #Chihuahua | #Americanbully


The Chihuahua mix breed was created by crossbreeding a chihuahua with another purebred dog breed. Therefore, making the cute and cuddly Chihuahua mix dogs, we know today. 

Chihuahua mix breed dogs can inherit features that display round apple-shaped heads, huge ears, round button eyes, a dark, triangular nose, square legs, and a level back, frequently with their tails docked. Although small to medium in size, these dogs are much stronger than they appear.

Evidence suggests that this breed descended from the ancient Techichi, which dates back all the way to the 9th century in Mexico. It was so popular at the time that it permeated many aspects of Mesoamerican culture in paintings and artifacts. After the conquest of the Aztecs, the Techichi retreated back to Mexico’s countryside. When it was rediscovered by the wider world in the 19th century, the breed had undergone significant change. In fact, the modern Chihuahua is largely Eurasian in origin. It is now a national symbol of Mexico.

The Chihuahua has a distinctive and unmistakable appearance: a rounded apple head, big bulging eyes, erect ears, and a small body and frame. There are generally two variations of the Chihuahua: long hair and smooth coat. Both types actually have smooth fur around the body. The main difference is that the long hair Chihuahua has fringed ears, a fan-like tail, and feathering around the legs. The smooth coat has shorter hair around most of its body, but despite the name, part of the fur around the neck is actually rough to the touch. The white, tan, brown, or black coats come in almost any pattern or variation you can think of.


My dog Kodak is kinda mixed like this. Her mom is American Bully/Pitbull and her dad is a Shorthaired Chihuahua. Bella, Kodak’s mom had 12 puppies. However I do not recommend a small Chihuahua female, with a big dog. If I do breed Kodak one day, it would probably be with a Chihuahua. Kodak looks like both Pitbull and Chihuahua. She’s about 15-16 in tall, 30- 35 lbs.

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