Trail Camera: Foxes Mating!

Trail Camera: Foxes Mating!

The fox is an omnivorous, dog-like mammal, often found around urban areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Known for their cunning and a favorite subject of folklore – foxes, and stories about them are found on every continent on earth except Antarctica. Among land mammals, the red fox has the second largest natural distribution behind humans.

Foxes come in various sizes and colors – but they all have pointed ears, long snouts, thick fur, and big bushy tails. Fennec foxes are the smallest – weighing up to three pounds, while their cousins, the red fox, can weigh up to 31 pounds.

The foxes of the world are clever creatures with an amazing ability to adapt to their environments. From Arctic foxes who can calculate where a running mouse will be in the time, it will take for him to leap and land on it in deep snow – to the common red fox who has learned the secrets of living among humans – a fox can survive and thrive.

Watch the video below to see Trail Camera: Foxes Mating!


Wow! Good catch! I mean of course..privacy seems to transcend into all species...whilst mating and shitting..but..i also think one has infintesmal lessons to learn thru nature..and i could learn a thing or 2 from my boy all good fun tho. Recent subscriber and enjoy ur content...thanx

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