Donkey make love in Country Side

Donkey make love in Country Side

While donkeys are thought to be stubborn, they are actually highly intelligent creatures that can form tight bonds with humans.

Donkeys are members of the horse family, although donkeys and horses represent two very different species. After domestication in Egypt and North Africa, where they were used for meat and milk, they evolved to become working beasts used to carry people or packages. They are slower than horses but are more surefooted.

Historians believe that the domestication of donkeys increased the mobility of pastor cultures in the ancient world. Equipped with a social and calming nature, donkeys get along well with other domesticated mammals and can also be excellent companions for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Donkey Facts

  • Donkeys are stronger than horses of the same size.
  • In open empty spaces, like a desert, the braying of donkeys can be heard from around 60 miles away.
  • Contrary to popular belief, donkeys are intelligent creatures with exceptional memories. They can even recall people and other animals that they haven’t seen in years.
  • Donkeys are sociable and can form strong bonds with other donkeys within a herd and even become best of friends. Donkeys help other donkeys if they become disabled like blind or lame.
  • Donkeys are often referred to as burros. In Spanish, the word burrito means ‘little donkey’, which also refers to Mexican food that resembles the packs that donkeys carry.
  • Donkeys graze throughout the day and like a diet low in protein and high in fiber.
  • Female donkeys are called jennys, males are called jacks, castrated males are called geldings, and a mare ready to breed is called a broodmare.
  • Donkeys were commonly referred to as asses until about 1785 when the word slowly began falling out of use because of its pejorative context.
  • Startled donkeys will freeze or move a few steps away when they are scared to assess their situation instead of running away, a characteristic that gives them their undeserved reputation for being stubborn.


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