Young Chimpanzees Meeting hard in Taipei zoo

Young Chimpanzees Meeting hard in Taipei zoo

Located in 21 countries across the continent of Africa, the chimpanzee is a fascinating primate. Its intelligence is notable, owning extraordinary capabilities to learn communication techniques such as sign language, and has even been trained to play games on computers! Unfortunately, these amazing animals are shrinking in numbers and are currently listed as endangered. Read on to learn more about the intriguing chimpanzee.

Reproduction and Life Cycles
Although bonds within the group can last for many years, there are no long-term bonds between males and females as far as reproduction is concerned. Female Chimpanzees can give birth at any time of year to a single infant that is born after a gestation period that lasts for around eight months. After birth, the infant clings onto its mother’s fur and will remain with her solidly for the first few years when the young begin to get more adventurous and starts to explore their surroundings increasingly more on their own. 

Young Chimpanzees learn the skills they need to survive by watching their mother including what to eat, how to make tools, and nest building, along with playing with other young individuals to practice both their grooming and wrestling skills. Females are thought to be able to reproduce at 13 years of age whereas males seem to develop slightly later and breed when they are about 16 years old.



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