Donkey enjoying Meeting Hard!

Donkey enjoying Meeting Hard!

Donkeys have been around since prehistoric times, making them one of the oldest animals that we’ve been breeding. They belong to the same horse family as zebras, and their fossils date back millions of years. As such strong animals, they have been the favored means of transportation in many places across the world and in various situations.

But, have you ever wanted to learn more about these incredibly fascinating and loyal creatures? We’ve got the rundown on donkeys, including information on the average donkey lifespan. So let’s explore this well-known animal and finally answer the question of how long donkeys live.

Donkey Population
More than 50 million donkeys inhabit the world with most of them domesticated, living primarily in underdeveloped countries where they work or carry cargo. Despite their great numbers, few animals within each breed are purebred.

Several wild donkey species are on the edge of extinction. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), indicates that the African wild ass is critically endangered, with only 23 to 200 adults remaining. Asian wild asses (also known as Asiatic wild asses) are classified as near threatened, with a population of about 28,000. Most threats come from humans, either directly or through indirect habitat loss.


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