A Vicious And Dangerous Leopard Is Lurking, Waiting To Attack A Family Of Warthog

A Vicious And Dangerous Leopard Is Lurking, Waiting To Attack A Family Of Warthog

A large member of the swine family, the warthog is an animal species that is best known for its four sharp tusks and padded bumps, or warts, on its face. The females of the species are quite social and live out their lives in family groups called sounders. Although they may look vicious, these animals prefer to run from predators rather than fight and are not aggressive unless backed into a corner. Warthogs have a conservation status of “Least Concern” at this time, but humans have become a severe threat to these animals due to overhunting in certain areas.

Incredible Warthog facts!
  • The thick bumps on a warthogs face help to protect the males when they fight during mating season.
  • Warthogs are animals that don’t make their own homes. Instead, they move into abandoned aardvark dens.
  • Female warthogs are social animals and live in groups called soundings, while the males are more territorial and prefer to live alone.
  • Like other pigs, they don’t have sweat glands and must roll around in the mud to cool off.
  • Females who lose their own babies will foster other nursing piglets.

The warthog is a mammal, which means it is warm-blooded and its young are suckled by the females. The common warthog’s scientific name, Phacochoerus africanus, comes from the Greek words “phakos,” which means “a mole or wart,” and khoiros, which means “a pig or hog.” As you can see, that translates directly to its common name, warthog. The last part, Africanus, refers to its location in Africa.


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