Cat 'Handstand Walks' All His Life, is So Glad to Be Safe and Lives for Endless Affection

Cat 'Handstand Walks' All His Life, is So Glad to Be Safe and Lives for Endless Affection


A cat "handstand walks" all his life. He is so glad to be safe and now lives for endless affection.


A black and white big-cheeked cat was brought to Animal Control after being found as a stray. Shelter staff were amazed by his resilience and enamored with his good looks.

The cat named Chuck was born with deformed hind legs but had figured out an ingenious mode of transportation to help him get around. "He doesn't seem to use his back legs and walks on his front legs like he's doing a handstand," Emilie, an animal rescuer, shared.

Emilie took him in and set up a comfy space for Chuck so he could have more room to move around and the care he needed to thrive.

He was found as a strayEmilie

"Chuck has full feeling in his back end and no signs of problems. He's lived like this for around seven years and is one of the most resilient cats I've ever met."

To help curb his anxiety and stress, Chuck needed a calmer environment and more time with his carer. Emilie reached out to her friend, Lucia, who was able to provide Chuck with the perfect foster home.

He was born with deformed back legsEmilie

"His story had my heart melting for him right away. When I first got him, he was super quiet, and he'd stay in the litter box all day," Lucia told Love Meow.

"He'd come out to eat but was very hesitant to do so in front of me for a day or two."

Chuck was very shy at firstEmilie

Despite being shy and withdrawn, Chuck never once hissed or swiped at his foster mom. He just sat quietly, trying to understand the world around him.

When Lucia petted him for the first time, his face instantly relaxed, and his body language changed. "He'd start rubbing against my hand nonstop. Within three days, he started feeling safe and rushing out of the litter box as soon as he saw me."

He came out of his shell when he realized he was safeLucia

Chuck began to eat in front of Lucia and purred loudly for her. If she headed towards the door, he'd chirp at her persistently until she'd give in and stay.

"He is the most loving cat I've ever met. He's so trusting and sweet. He just wants to be loved wholeheartedly."

He loves cuddle time with his foster momLucia

Lucia quickly learned that Chuck would run for food in a flash and beg with repeated headbutts for more pets. "He absolutely lives for cuddle sessions. He's super laid-back and curious at the same time."

"He's more than happy to take a nap with you or enjoy some playtime with a wand toy or catnip toy."

Chuck walks on his front paws in a handstandEmilie

Now that Chuck has been fixed, his marking behaviors should improve. Lucia is currently searching for the perfect-sized litter box that he can easily get in and out of.

"Daily sweeping is the routine, and Chuck is a great motivator as he follows along, making sure I take many breaks to pet him."

Holding hands with his foster momLucia

"He has a loud purr and lets out the cutest chirps when he wants attention (which is always)."

The sweet boy lives each day to the fullest and showers his foster mom with cuddles. With his mobility issues, he'll need a home that is accessible for him, but nothing seems to slow him down.

He loves every toy he's givenLucia

"He enjoys most cat toys and being around someone. He's an easy-to-please cat. His favorite pastime is getting nice, long neck scratches."


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