7 Of The World's Most Haunted Places

7 Of The World's Most Haunted Places


Wanting an adventure that will send shivers down your spine? If you're a thrill-seeker with a love for the paranormal, then these destinations should be at the top of your travel bucket list. According to TimeOut, these are some of the most haunted places in the world, each with a unique and eerie history that will leave you both fascinated and terrified.

1. La Isla de la Muñecas, Mexico

Nestled south of Mexico City, the 'Island of the Dolls' is a nightmarish wonderland filled with hundreds of hanging, decomposing, and decapitated dolls. The island's creepy ambiance and unsettling atmosphere make it a must-visit for those seeking a unique and spooky experience.

2. The Skirrid Inn, Wales

Wales boasts the oldest public house, the Skirrid Inn, which has seen over 180 criminals meet their gruesome end by hanging. The inn's history and tales of paranormal activity make it a hotspot for ghost hunters and history buffs alike.

3. Port Arthur, Australia

This 19th-century penal settlement in Tasmania, Australia, bears witness to the deaths of over 1000 individuals. The tormented souls of former inmates are said to haunt the grounds, making it a chilling destination for those intrigued by Australia's dark past.

4. Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

The Banff Springs Hotel in Canada is a place where guests and staff alike believe in the presence of supernatural entities. The most famous ghost, Sam Macauley, a former bellman in the 1960s, continues to make his spectral presence known.

5. Tower of London, England

On the banks of the River Thames, the Tower of London has a haunting history filled with executions, including those of Anne Boleyn and Henry VI. The specters of the past are said to linger within its walls.

6. Chase Vault, Barbados

The Chase Vault in Barbados is shrouded in the urban legend of the "mysterious moving coffins." Visitors are captivated by the eerie accounts of coffins inexplicably shifting positions within the vault, leaving many questions unanswered.

7. Paris Catacombs, France

When cemeteries in Paris began to overflow, the catacombs were constructed, housing the bones of countless French citizens, their skulls eerily arranged to face outward. Forget the Eiffel Tower, the catacombs are Paris' main attraction.

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