10 common myths about dogs, debunked!

10 common myths about dogs, debunked!


Dog myths and truths!

Dogs are our best friends; nobody can deny that. Except perhaps cat lovers! However, there are many things we take for granted about our little furry friends that are just untrue! Here are some of them.

10) One human year equals seven dog years©Provided by The Daily Digest

Common wisdom tells us that every human year is equal to seven dog years. If your dog is five-year-old, then they are a strong adult in their prime. If they have hit a decade, then they are distinguished seniors.

Image: Maria Teneva / Unsplash

Not all dogs age the same©Provided by The Daily Digest

British animal welfare charity Blue Cross explains that there isn’t exactly a one-to-one formula to calculate a dog’s age. Factors such as size, breed, and genetics play a factor, with smaller breeds taking longer to reach maturity and overall having a longer lifespan.

9) Dogs eating grass to get sick©Provided by The Daily Digest

Have you seen your dogs eating grass? The first thing you might think is that your furry companions are trying to make themselves sick to alleviate stomach problems.

Image: Justin Veenema / Unsplash

Sometimes they just eat grass because they like it©Provided by The Daily Digest

However, Blue Cross reveals that the most likely reasons dogs eat grass is that they enjoy the flavor, particularly in the spring and summer months when it’s green and fresh. However, if eating grass becomes excessive or a substitute to normal food, you should seek a veterinarian's opinion.

8) You can't teach an old dog new tricks©Provided by The Daily Digest

This one is so famous that it has entered into the popular conscience as a saying: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. After a certain age, skills and knowledge are set in stone.

Image: Shvets Production / Pexels

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