Giraffes Mating at the Zoo

Giraffes Mating at the Zoo

Giraffes are polygynous, meaning that males mate with multiple females. Usually, males engage in combats, after which the winner gets right to mate with receptive females whenever and wherever it finds them. Normally, the gestation period lasts 13-15 months, yielding a single baby, rarely - twins. The female gives birth in a calving area, which she further uses throughout her life. A newborn calf can walk in just an hour after birth and can run within 24 hours after birth. Weaning occurs at 1 year old. Then, at the age of 15 months, the young become fully independent. While reproductive maturity is reached at 4-5 years old, males start mating no sooner than 8 years of age.

 Diet and Nutrition

Giraffes are herbivorous (folivorous, lignivorous, frugivorous, graminivorous) with their diet, mainly consisting of acacia trees. Being browsers, these animals will also consume flowers, fruits, buds, and wild apricots. In addition, they love eating seeds and fresh grass after the rain. They rarely drink, obtaining about 70% of the required moisture from food.


Giraffes Mating at the Zoo 

These naughty giraffes just don't care who's watching at the zoo.

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