horse vs donkey mating Incredible Facts!

horse vs donkey mating Incredible Facts!

Donkeys are polygynous, which means that one male mates with many females during a breeding season. Breeding occurs year-round. The gestation period usually lasts for 11-14 months, after which a single foal is born. Newborn babies are developed and are able to stand and feed during the first 30 minutes of their lives. 

Weaning occurs at 5 months old. Both males and females of this species are ready to mate at 2 years old, although males usually do so only after 3-4 years old when they become dominant.

horse vs donkey mating  Incredible Facts!


As stated by the Wikipedia resource, the global population of these animals was estimated at as much as 41 million individuals in 2006, 11 million of which lived in China (the largest population of this species by country). Other states with large numbers of donkey populations are Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

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