Why does my female dog refuse to mate?

Why does my female dog refuse to mate?


A female dog's heat cycle, also called estrus, is the time when her body is ready to reproduce. Most dogs begin coming into heat between 6 and 12 months (earlier for small breeds, later for larger breeds) and typically have a heat twice yearly.

Why does my female dog refuse to mate?

Sometimes, no matter how much preparation has gone into finding the perfect stud dog, a female dog may not be keen to mate. If she isn’t, it’s very important that she is never forced to do so.  Forcing a dog to be mated can cause her stress, anxiety, physical pain and could make her aggressive towards the male.

If she’s not keen to mate, try again the next day, or the day after that, and see if she’s more willing then.

A bitch may not be keen to mate because:

She’s not ovulating yet and may not be ready to mate. You could try again at a later date or check with your vet to see that she’s ovulating

She may not like the stud dog. You could allow them time to get to know each other or, failing that, find another stud dog. More experienced breeders may consider using artificial insemination

She may have previously had a bad experience and is anxious about being mated. You could try talking to a behaviourist

There may be a medical issue causing her pain or discomfort that makes her less keen to mate. Speak to your vet if you’ve tried all other options or if you’re concerned about your dog’s health

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