Viral Video of Innocent Child Playing with Gigantic Snake Leaves Internet in Shock

Viral Video of Innocent Child Playing with Gigantic Snake Leaves Internet in Shock

Social media users have been left in disbelief after a video of a young boy fearlessly playing with a giant snake was shared online.

According to the video shared on Facebook by Alain 'The Panther' Ngalani, the incident happened in Indonesia.

Little boy was comfortable with snake

The video captioned "Brave toddler plays with a huge python" captures the little boy who is under 10 years old rolling himself around the python.

Despite the evident disturbance, the snake slithered around on the ground without a care for the baby.

Many were shocked by how comfortably the youngster pet the colossal reptile to the extend of holding its head.

The manner in which the child giggled and smiled showed a remarkable level of comfort in the presence of the potentially lethal serpent.

Deadly innocence

The chilling footage sparked a fierce debate over the dangers and ethics of such interactions with wildlife, especially with kids.

A cross-section of social media users faulted the parents for allowing the kid to take his innocence to such dangerous levels.

Cephas Kalelele:

"One day the toddler will be swallowed animals will always be animals."

Al Vin Santo Ruíz:

"Because children come directly from God. Their nature is more Godly than adults."

Owalo Kenedy

"I think I have seen all in this world. I am now donating my eyes to charity!"

Robert Schroeder:

"He is too young to know better. That size python could choke him out in a heartbeat."

Games with snakes

Social media users who came across a clip of men pulling their efforts to remove a snake from a car were left with their mouths wide open.

The massive reptile was stuck under the vehicle, forcing four courageous men to work together to pull it out.

Many TikTok users who came across the video admitted they could not dare keep close as anything could happen.

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