RSPCA Wakefield launches urgent appeal for end of life foster home for dog who only has weeks to live

RSPCA Wakefield launches urgent appeal for end of life foster home for dog who only has weeks to live


The RSPCA’s Leeds and Wakefield branch have been caring for Zeta, a nine-year-old German Shepherd/Malinois cross, who was recently diagnosed with bone cancer , since July.

She was brought in to the East Ardsley centre by one of the charity’s inspectors after being signed over by her previous owner who couldn’t afford veterinary care.

Shortly after she arrived the team noticed she was limping and she was checked by their vet, who found a large lump on her back right leg.

Further investigations sadly revealed she has incurable bone cancer which cannot be treated meaning she now only has weeks to live.

The branch is now appealing for an urgent foster home to allow Zeta to live out her remaining weeks away from a kennel environment.

All her food and any treatment will be provided and funded by the branch during this time.

Megan Rattray, animal care manager at the centre, said: “Zeta is such a sweet and affectionate dog who loves fuss and attention, especially belly rubs and chin scratches.

"She really loved her walks but these have had to be reduced since she was diagnosed to just one, 15-minute outing a day, which she still enjoys.

“We know it’s a big ask of anyone to take on a terminally ill dog, especially as she has some specific requirements, but we really hope there’s a family out there who can offer Zeta a warm and loving home for her remaining weeks.”

Zeta will need a calm foster home without any other pets, ideally with people who work from home so they can spend lots of time with her and monitor her health.

She can only live with children over the age of 16 as little is known about her background and how she might be around youngsters.

A quiet environment where she is not running or jumping around is also essential.

Prospective fosterers will need to live fairly close to the centre, on Moor Knoll Lane, and have access to their own transport to bring Zeta in when needed.

Anyone who thinks they can offer Zeta a foster home should complete an application form -

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