Dog owner 'immensely grateful' after Bridlington RNLI rush to save their stranded Golden Retriever

Dog owner 'immensely grateful' after Bridlington RNLI rush to save their stranded Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever was trapped and unable to reach the shore close to the HM Coastguard station on Thursday (7 September).

Bridlington RNLI’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) Ernie Wellings was launched shortly after receiving the call from the Coastguard at 10.34am.

With concerns for the dog and reports that the owner was struggling to try and rescue the dog on a paddleboard and could also be placing themselves in danger, the charity's D class inshore lifeboat ‘Ernie Wellings’ was launched, arriving on scene at 10.51am.

The volunteer crew, upon reaching the four-legged casualty, took the dog, Amos, a rescue dog, on board the ILB and all headed for the shore within 2 minutes, both Amos and the owner were reunited, much to the relief of all concerned.

The owner was very grateful to be reunited with her beloved pet and thanked the crew for their assistance, and visited the station later in the day to show her gratitude once again to the RNLI volunteers at Bridlington.

Jason Stephenson, volunteer crew helm of the ILB, said, “The rescue of the dog was both quick and efficient, once the dog was safely in the ILB, Amos was placid and posed no threat to the crew.

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"Thankfully the treasured pet was unharmed and happily reunited with its owner. Bridlington lifeboat volunteers left the scene and arrived back on the beach at the lifeboat station, was recovered and back on service at 11:30am. A good result all-round.”

Julie, Amos’s owner, said: “I did start to go out to Amos on my paddleboard but soon released I would not make it so returned to shore. I am immensely grateful to the volunteer crew of the Bridlington RNLI, I do not think Amos would be here now if not for the help of these wonderful people.

"We are all so appreciative to have Amos back, safe and sound, thank you.”

The RNLI will always launch the lifeboat if there is an animal in trouble on the coast, but there are a few things people can do to make sure it is not their life that the RNLI need to save.

Make sure to keep dogs on a lead when near cliff edges, harbour sides, or fast-flowing water, and if they do fall or enter the water and get into difficulty, do not go in.

It is advised to move to somewhere safe and call them, as the dog will probably get out by themselves.

If anyone is are worried about their dog, call 999 and ask for the coastguard – do not go after them and put more lives at risk.

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