Dog growls at babysitter: Parents become suspicious and discover a terrible secret

Dog growls at babysitter: Parents become suspicious and discover a terrible secret

This shocking story all started in 2013, when Benjamin and Hope employed a nanny for their son Finn.

Unsuspecting parents hire 21-year old nanny

As expected, the couple searched for and interviewed several people before selecting a nanny for their 7-month-old son. After having done a thorough background check, they believed they had made the right choice; however, this was not the case…

For several months, everything seemed normal between Finn and his nanny. His parents would’ve never suspected anything to be wrong. But it seemed that Kilian, the family dog, could somehow sense the danger, and it was thanks to him that the truth was revealed.

Family dog acts protective, becomes a hero

About five months after the nanny’s arrival, Kilian started to become increasingly nervous and upset in the presence of the young woman. He became very aggressive towards her, always on guard and growling when she entered the house. Benjamin even told live5News “A few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going towards her”.

This behaviour was extremely strange for a dog that was usually very laid-back and friendly. This was a clear sign to Hope and Benjamin that something was wrong. Despite having always been very protective of the baby, Kilian had never been so aggressive with anyone before.

Nanny is caught red-handed

For some peace of mind, Finn’s parents decided to install a recording device in the house. What they discovered within a day of recordings shocked them to their very core. The nanny was heard constantly yelling at the baby. Worse even, slapping sounds were heard, after which the baby’s cries became cries of pain.

Thanks to Kilian’s warning, Finn’s parents were able to take the necessary measures against the nanny. She faced a 3-year jail sentence after having pleaded guilty to assault and battery. Hope and Benjamin’s message to other parents around the world is simple: “Listen to your intuition, and your pets.”

Thanks to Kilian their brilliant dog, their son was forever safe from danger.

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