Top Traditional Style _Buffalo Bull OX Texas Meeting

Top Traditional Style _Buffalo Bull OX Texas Meeting

Cows are animals that are found all over the world. They were domesticated by humans over 10,000 years ago for work, dairy, meat, and more. However, scientists are still learning much about their complex brains and emotions. These gentle giants range from 700 lbs, to as big as a car, with some having long horns, humps on their backs, colorful patterns, or other incredible traits! While technically a ‘cow’ only refers to a female, the term is often used to describe any animal of the species regardless of gender. The technically correct term for a group of animals in this species is ‘cattle’. 

Cow Facts

  • The largest cows grow to almost two tons, as big as a car!
  • Cows are the second-largest type of livestock in azthe world, by number!
  • A cow can produce over seven gallons of milk per day!
  • Cows are sacred in parts of India and slaughtering a cow there is often banned.


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