Surviving Mama Dog Courageously Waits 10 Days to Save Puppies After Being Abandoned

Surviving Mama Dog Courageously Waits 10 Days to Save Puppies After Being Abandoned

A heartless owner tied up a pregnant dog to a tree in the woods, abandoning her to a horrific fate. However, this brave mama dog managed to survive and even gave birth to her puppies while still tied up. Despite her difficult situation, she managed to keep her puppies alive for 10 long days before finally being rescued.

Lara, a Pit Bull mix, was abandoned by her owner when she became pregnant. Her owner decided that she and her puppies were not worth caring for and committed a heinous crime. Instead of finding her a new home or taking her to a shelter, Lara was tied to a tree in a forest near Nafplion, Greece.

Lara found herself in a dire situation as she was heavily pregnant and left to fend for herself tied to a tree in the midst of a cold, desolate forest. Despite her predicament, Lara managed to give birth to a litter of four adorable puppies while still bound to that tree.

It’s incredible how this momma dog managed to keep herself and her puppies alive for 10 days without any food, water, or shelter. She’s a true fighter and a dedicated mother who did everything she could to ensure her pups’ survival. Some kind-hearted villagers informed the rescuers about her situation, and they quickly arrived at the location to take them with them. Sadly, one of the puppies didn’t make it, but the rest are safe and sound now.

The three surviving puppies and their mother were nurtured back to good health by their rescuers’ affectionate attention. These furry little ones are now thriving, with all the energy and playfulness typical of young pups.

It is our sincere desire that the individual responsible for the mistreatment of these innocent animals is identified and held accountable for their actions. It brings us great relief to know that the dog and her puppies were rescued before any further harm could be inflicted upon them. We send our best wishes to the dear little pups and pray that they soon find a safe and loving forever home.

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