Leopard enjoy romantic time on rock | Leopard Mating

Leopard enjoy romantic time on rock | Leopard Mating


I found them on the rocky ridge on the northern side of the Ngobeni Loop on the H-14. There was a young female busy eating on the impala carcass that was hoisted up into an Apple-leaf tree. The male was busy mating with another female a mere 20 meters away on a rock ledge, the male then came down and chased the other female away and consumed most of the impala. After having his fill he returned to the female to continue with their mating, this continued on for most of the day. The female would entice the male to mate with her and due to the male's penis having barbs, it is quite painful when he extracts his penis after copulation, hence the snarls and aggression.

Leopard Mating on the Rock


Someone might lose an eye if they're not careful! Rare footage of wild African leopards in love in the Kruger National Park.

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