Wiltshire Police dogs to wear body armour

Wiltshire Police dogs to wear body armour


A police force is introducing body armour for its dogs as a response to an increase in violent crime involving weapons.

Wiltshire Police said the vests will help keep them safe after a rise in knife attacks in the county.

Dog handler PC Jon Harwood said: "We need to take measures to protect our dogs."

He said the move was just a precaution, and there had been no reports of the force's dogs being stabbed or shot.

"But our dogs are used to search for people armed with weapons all the time so this will hopefully offer them protection," he added.

Wiltshire Police said the canine vests offers protection from weapons, including bullets, but also allow dogs freedom of movement, so are comfortable.

PC Harwood said: "We have seen an increase in offenders carrying blades and sharp objects.

"The dogs won't be wearing them [the vests] all the time, it will be up to their handler to assess when they might be needed."

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