Squirrels Mating! You've Never Seen Before

Squirrels Mating! You've Never Seen Before

Mating starts at 3:00.  Today there were 5 squirrels running around our backyard in central Illinois, apparently because one of them was ready to mate. We were super fortunate to have caught them mating on the side of the Tree. Stanley we think won her affection and it appears he was able to mate successfully.    The main action starts around 3 minutes into the video. Stanley Tucci is one of our favorite actors, so we have decided that he is named in his honor. 😜

We are hoping that they build their nest in our Cottonwood tree and we can film the babies as they begin to explore the edge of the nest and climb out onto the tree.  Subscribe so you do not miss an episode of this drama.

““The fox squirrel can mate at any time of the year, but mating usually reaches its peak in December and June. Usually, more than one male will chase or follow a female. The successful male will then protect the female from the other males. 45 days after mating the female gives birth to a litter of two to four young, usually in a nest in a hollow tree. She may have two litters a year.

The young are born naked and blind. Their eyes will open when they are five weeks old, and they are weaned when they are eight weeks old. They will begin to climb about the tree when they are seven or eight weeks old and climb down to the ground at about ten weeks. They are independent when they are about three months old.”



00:00   Stanley has won her affections

03:00   Mating Ritual Begins

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Squirrels Mating! You've Never Seen Before

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