Camel vs. Camel: Animal Attack Unedited

Camel vs. Camel: Animal Attack Unedited

This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I love that you let them do their thing. I F---ING LOVE that when you told Baby to stop he listened. You have a really beautiful situation going on here.

Absolutely fascinating! I never knew how pack oriented camels could be, then again tbh, I really don’t know anything more than the different species and that they are well suited to the desert. But that was sweet how Baby was basically sticking up for you! You can see how loved and cared for these animals are! 🐪💗

And thank you! Keep em coming! 👏🏽🙂

All animals do this, in wolves and coyotes it's called being a "scapegoat", orcas practice "raking", etc. Now I agree this is normal and natural amongst all pack and herd animals, but what do you look for (besides blood being drawn) in animals that cannot resolve within a pen? Just curious - I am a dog trainer myself and I know the difference between a serious fight and a "I'm the boss of you" fight when it comes to canines, so I was just wondering more of what you look for in these camels. (BTW they are both so beautiful!!! 😍😍😍)


Camel vs. Camel: Animal Attack Unedited

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