Young #Elephant Mating | Elephant Breeding | Agressive Wild Bull

Young #Elephant Mating | Elephant Breeding | Agressive Wild Bull

These massive giants exhibit all kinds of complex behavior that in some ways mirror our own behavior but in other ways are distinct and unique to them. This has made them the subject of rigorous behavioral, anatomical, and cognitive studies, as well as a source of continued fascination in human culture, particularly in Indian, Sumatran, and some African mythologies and tales. But after decades of decline from poaching and habitat loss, the elephant is in a perilous state, and unless more is done to protect them, they may be on a path toward extinction.

The scientific name for the family of elephants is Elephantidae. There are two living genera in this family. The genus of Loxodonta contains two species: the African bush elephant and the African forest elephant. The genus of Elephas contains only a single living species: the Asian elephant, which itself can be divided further into several distinct subspecies, including the Indian, Sumatran, Borneo, and Sri Lankan elephants. The fossil record contains many more species, including the woolly mammoth, which once walked the planet in the last ice age.


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