THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT Art Hearts Fashion Fall 2023 New York

THE BLACK TAPE PROJECT Art Hearts Fashion Fall 2023 New York


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This is what I mean by fashion.  This is the most beautiful and cool project of all the unusual fashion, Very cool!  These suits give freedom to the body, emphasizing its natural beauty.  Very amazing, keep it up!

This is definately a 'fashion' that needs a certain body to pull off well. That said, I would love to see women in NY wearing this in winter.

I want to thank all the ladies who posed very nicely for a wonderful artistic experience, you were amazing. I bow to all the women in the world.


Boy is my wife really miffed at me! I showed her this video and she was up for it, how the heck could I have known that there’s a big difference between electricians pvc tape (that I didn’t have any) and gaffer tape (carpet tape)! Holy smokes did she swear to me when it was time to get it off her, I wasn’t to know that it was a whole lot more sticky and I was glad there was no hair covered up otherwise it would be like a wax job.

 I’ve been sleeping in the shed until the redness calms down on her body. Oh well least I know that for next time…..

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