Siberian Tiger mating succesfully

Siberian Tiger mating succesfully

With its immense size and powerful body, the Siberian tiger prowls the dense forests of Eastern Asia in search of prey. Specially adapted for the frigid climate in which it resides, it is a sophisticated predator capable of taking down almost any other animal, no matter its size. But because of the value placed on its luxurious fur and the supposed medicinal properties of its parts, the animal is under constant threat of extinction from human activity. Meticulous conservation efforts and protection from local governments will be required to bolster current population numbers.

Incredible Siberian Tiger Facts!

  • Other common names for the Siberian tiger include the Amur tiger, Manchurian tiger, and Korean tiger.
  • The Siberian tiger is an important mythological symbol to some native cultures in the region it resides.
  • Like a human fingerprint, no two tigers have the exact same stripe pattern.
  • The stripes on a tiger help camouflage the tiger, so it can sneak up on and kill prey with one powerful blow.
  • Siberian tigers require huge amounts of natural territory to roam, which makes them particularly susceptible to human encroachment and habitat loss.


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