Extracting Urine from an over Extended bladder

Extracting Urine from an over Extended bladder

Cause Are several, but in this case, it’s neurological case, which includes lower motor neuron injuries involving the sacral, spinal segment S1 – S3, pelvic nerve, or prudent nerve. Intervertebral disc herniation, Neoplasis, discospondylitis,    cauda Edina syndrome, trams, dysautonomia, and Peripheral neuropathies Can all lead to destrusor Antony,

A sad case for this new nine-year-old dog Started in June with urine tract infections thought perhaps it was prostate issues after doing a ultrasound and x-rays we learned that .

Due To an injury getting stepped on by the horse in his private part has now causing him bladder dysfunction/neurological issues.


Ghostprints weimaraners  

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