Dog finish mating successfully

Dog finish mating successfully


You say it’s impossible for dogs to mate without any help. Trust me, my dog had 4 litters in her lifetime because she is an outside dog. No help included. THEY ARE ANIMALS.
Pugs need help since they have trouble breathing.
Humans aren’t the only organisms that know how to reproduce. I’m sure it would’ve been great for them to have an alone time.
Maybe the dog wasn’t in heat, so it was just forcing her/raping her.

everybody so pressed about this =.= IT'S APART OF AN ANIMALS LIFE people breed them to make more of that breed yall acting like these are humans "PuT yOuRsELf IN ThE FeMaLeS pOsItIoN" like stfu its not the same thing


You know what you did is cruel?? SHE WAS LEGIT STUFK AND YOU JS RECORDED IT AND DIDNT HELP HER??? you shouldn't have dogs AT ALL and thats period.

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