A puppy befriends a cobra (Video)

A puppy befriends a cobra (Video)

The dog did not befriend that snake. You can tell the dog is cared and timid by how he has his tail, etc. The fact that there are no laws in those countries for animal cruelty is insane, sad and unforgivable.

Oh for heavens sake, that's no befriending. Hope the puppy is ok and someone with some sense has rescued it.

This is animal abuse plain and simple. Video graphed should be arrested. Sickening! Why does FB allow this?

Anyone who stands by and takes a picture of this needs to be treated just like this dogs being treated and i would like to be the one taking his picture


I agree that the snake had its fangs removed. The sad thing is that the snake will starve to death. Force feeding it will also kill it because the food will rot inside it. They need their venom to digest their food.

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