Supper Sweet Donkey Meeting in Village

Supper Sweet Donkey Meeting in Village

Donkeys are intelligent and loveable mammals that are very useful on the farm for transporting products. But besides their weight-bearing uses, they can also serve as guards and protectors for other farm animals. What’s more? You can also find donkey poop very useful.  

Perhaps you plan to get a donkey for your farm; there are some noteworthy points about the animal’s poop. This post gives a comprehensive explanation about donkey scat.

Also known as an ass or burrow, a donkey is a hoofed animal that belongs to the Equidae family. Donkeys have a long and varied history with roots in Africa and Asia. About 6000 years ago, during the predynastic period of Egypt, the wild African ass (E. africanus) in northeastern Africa was bred to come up with the modern domestic donkey (Equus asinus). 

The wild ass subspecies: the Somali ass (E. africanus somaliensis) and the Nubian ass (Equs africanus africanus), are thought to have played a role in the development of the modern donkey. However, mtDNA results suggest that the Nubian is the only wild species genetically contributing to the current domesticated donkey. These two wild asses still exist but are on the IUCN Red List as critically endangered species.

Domestic donkeys are mainly used in many countries as pack animals. You have probably heard about its famed obstinance, but do you know any reason behind it? How about its unique vocalization or its large ears? Read on to find more incredible facts about this underappreciated animal.


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