Supper Big Cow Male Mating Hard...

Supper Big Cow Male Mating Hard...


Cows are some of the most easily recognizable animals on the planet. We rely on them for food, milk, and leather. But, just how long is a cow’s gestation period? Wherever they are on the planet, and no matter what breed, all cows reproduce the same way. In fact, cow is the word we use for female cattle that have had at least one calf. Multiple members of the Bos taurus species are known as cattle, and baby cattle are known as calves. Intact male cattle are bulls, and gelded male cattle are known as steers.

Here, we’ll learn a little more about what makes a cow a cow. Then, we’ll discover just how long cow gestation lasts and how many babies a cow can have at once. Finally, we’ll learn what signs to watch for to tell whether or not cows are pregnant.


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