Sokólskie horses and Polish red cattle meeting.!

Sokólskie horses and Polish red cattle meeting.!


Horses are common domesticated livestock animals in many parts of the world. They serve many uses, from draft horses to racehorses, all domestic horses have been bred for specific purposes. Scientists believe the first horses were domesticated around 6,000 years ago. Since then, humans have selectively bred them for specific traits, resulting in a proliferation of horse types throughout the world. But, just how long is a horse’s gestation period, and how long are they pregnant?

Here, we’ll learn more about the horse as an animal before diving into the details of the reproductive cycles. We’ll start by learning what different types of horses look like and how big, or how small, they grow. Then, we’ll go over horse behavior and what’s normal for a horse. After that, we’ll look at how long horse gestations last and how many foals a mare can have in her lifetime. Finally, we’ll discover how to tell whether or not a horse is pregnant and how common twins are in horses.


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