Pitbull Dog Mating Pit Bull Dog Breed

Pitbull Dog Mating Pit Bull Dog Breed

Picture a pit bull in your head, and most likely you see a muscular, short-haired dog with a broad head, deep chest, and a medium-to-large size. But it might surprise you to learn that there is actually no such thing as a "pit bull." In fact, a pit bull isn't a specific breed—there are several types of pit bulls. Pit bull is an umbrella term that's used for several breeds often referred to as "bully breeds." This is no reflection on their temperments, however. Bully breeds are generally playful and affectionate dogs when raised properly.

Pit bull-type dogs often face unfair discrimination. These dogs were bred for their muscular build and consequently have been used in inhumane dogfighting sports. This has given them an inaccurate reputation as being overly aggressive dogs. In fact, pit bull-type dogs are usually incredibly loving, loyal, and gentle with their family members. They also tend to be playful and eager to please.

Here are the five breeds that are most commonly referred to as types of pit bull dogs.


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