Amazing Kudu Mating.💕💕

Amazing Kudu Mating.💕💕

The name kudu describes two different antelope species, called greater kudu and lesser kudu, that are found in the southern and eastern regions of Africa. Both kinds are characterized by the long, twisted horns that grow on the heads of mature males. They also share similar habitats, body structure, and coloration, although there are notable differences in size between the greater and lesser species. The kudu is an animal with passive grazing habits and natural camouflage to help them avoid being easily spotted by the many predators in their native habitat.

An Incredible Animal: 3 Kudu Facts!
  • High speeds: The kudu animal can reach speeds of over 60mph when attempting to escape from a predator.
  • Ceremonial horns: The animal’s spiraled horns are prized in local religious practices and are also made into musical instruments.
  • Polite competition: Even though males sometimes engage in rutting, they are generally not very violent when competing for mates.


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