Amazing Goat Mating in Two More times

Amazing Goat Mating in Two More times


Amazing Goat Mating in Two More times

Also known as the Boerbok, the Boer goat (Capra hircus)is a breed of goat indigenous to South Africa. The largest goat breed in the world, they can exceed 300 pounds. They are often raised for meat due to their hardiness, size, excellent carcass quality, and high reproductive rate. In fact, many experts regard these goats as the best meat goats in the world. You can now find them around the world thanks to their popularity as meat goats, show goats, and in vegetation management. 

5 Boer Goat Facts

  • The Guinness World Record for the largest goat belongs to Mostyn Moorcock, a Boer goat that weighed nearly 400 pounds and stood 44 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • On average, babies weigh around 8 pounds at birth.
  • A registered Boer got doe can cost around $600, while a buckling of good stock can cost around $1,200.
  • The American Boer Goat Association registers over 45,000 new Boer goats every year.
  • They can thrive in semi-arid savanna or thornveld habitats that many goats would find unlivable.

Reproduction and Life Cycle

Boer goats are an extremely fast-growing breed, which is one reason why they make such excellent meat goats. Additionally, unlike some other goat breeds, they can breed year-round. On average, most of them reach sexual maturity at around 5 months old. Most breeders have ewes produce three crops of kids every 2 years. After their first birthing, female Boer goats almost always give birth to two kids. Many breeders remark that ewes possess exceptional mothering instincts compared to other goat breeds. A Boer got kid typically weighs around 8 pounds at birth, but can weigh nearly 80 pounds by around 3 months old.

Most Boer goats raised for meat are killed before they reach 5 years old. Younger goats can also be harvested as young as 5 months old. However, Boer goats can live up to 20 years if given the proper care.


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