K9 Puppy Wants A Nap During His Swearing-In Ceremony

K9 Puppy Wants A Nap During His Swearing-In Ceremony

Two of the cutest K9 officers have reported for duty at Colorado’s Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Labrador Retrievers K9 Otis and K9 Bear will be serving as therapy dogs at local schools.

At just 8 weeks old they’ll be our youngest members and ready to begin their therapy dog duties,” the Sheriff’s Office posted to Facebook, adding, “Training treats are on deck.”

But before they could get started they had to have their official swearing-in ceremony. Yes, K9 Otis (the black Lab) and K9 Bear (the chocolate Lab) needed to “raise their paw and take their oath.”

Yet when it came time to do so, K9 Bear seemed more interested in taking a nap then lifting his paw. The Sheriff’s Office shared a cute video of the ceremony that saw the puppies decked out in their finest – they wore adorable work vests and badges.

K9 Otis jumped around happily, ready to offer his paw. Bear, on the other hand, needed to be cuddled and held for a bit. But it appears the festivities energized the pup and towards the end of the event he can be seen play-fighting with his fellow officer pup. 

And as Sheriff Brown swore their newest school therapy dogs in, the department couldn’t help but beam, “We hope you love them as much as we do!” Let’s just say that by the end of the video, you’ll be as smitten by K9 Bear and K9 Otis as they are.


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