This Man Save A Deer Is Stuck In This Metal Mesh

This Man Save A Deer Is Stuck In This Metal Mesh

She was paralysed with fear and it saved her life by keeping her still while she was cut free.  A gentle hand to straighten her out and off she went.  Kudos to the guys who saved her.

I thought for sure her neck was broken. This made my heart warm.

My neck hurt watching this! Thank God they saw her. These beautiful & good hearted people really are true heroes ❤

So thankful this kind man was there. It looked like the poor deer had been struggling to end up in such a twisted position. Thankfully its neck wasn't  broken. There's so many hazards for wildlife in the things humans leave lying around like plastics, wire, netting, cans, etc and sadly some animals aren't lucky enough to have that special someone to save them often leading to a slow and painful death. Let's take care of our world and wildlife. Love and happiness to those that do. We need you.💕

Not all heroes wear capes

Unbelievable the position she was in, wow, thank God you found her when you did. Thank you for your kindness.

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