Dogs Enjoy Summer Season in Home

Dogs Enjoy Summer Season in Home

At last! Someone else is starting to question the need of the owners to show this over and over again. Not only is it boring and tiring - but also seemingly being in some screwd way enjoyable for the owners to show how often cruel and harsh maiting is in the animal world. To then in this way trying to produce some kind of humanised narrative around this where the female nonstop has to fight off some overly horny drooling male as if it would somehow be a requested way of doing the mating amongst humans, is just appalling and says so much more of the owners than of anyone else.

Raya is emjoyimg teasimg Shiro 😅. Shiro’s not whimperimg today. I think he knows he going to hit the jackpot soon. Remember Shiro, If you wonna play, you’re gonna pay (more Potats). GEGEGEGE! ❤️


This channel becomes devalued! The main character Suki appears once a while. I believe alot of viewers subscribed the channel because of Suki. We love Suki and really want to see her everyday in the video. Oliver, it looks like she is useless for you now after giving birth the last litter?

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