6 Reasons Your Dog Keeps Licking The Couch

6 Reasons Your Dog Keeps Licking The Couch

Why Is My Dog Licking The Couch? 6 Possible Reasons

Now that you understand the significance of the licking behavior for dogs, it’s time to discuss the possible reasons why your dog is licking the couch!

1. Something On the Couch Tastes Good

While some dogs may rely on licking to soothe them during times of stress, it is also possible that your dog is simply sensing something tasty on the couch. Whether you have just spilled food on the couch or they smell a trace of a previous food mishap, your pup may be searching for a delicious snack. This is also possible if you offer them treats on the couch, as they may be hoping to stumble upon any leftover crumbs.

2. They Like The Texture Of The Couch

While you and I may explore an interesting texture with our hands, our dogs have to rely on their mouths! Our canine friends explore the world around them with their mouths, and this can include the interesting texture of your furniture. If your pup is fascinated by the material that covers your couch, you may notice them licking the couch constantly.

3. They Are Bored & Seeking Entertainment

If your canine companion is bored and looking for something to do, they may resort to licking your couch for entertainment. While this may seem like a strange way to pass the time, once you know how significant of a behavior licking is for dogs, this can begin to make a bit more sense. Licking objects is a way to pass the time for some dogs, so if your couch is nearby, it may fall victim to their tongue.

4. They Are Self-Soothing Anxiety

As we discussed above, licking is a common self-soothing behavior for dogs. It is so effective that there are a variety of products that stimulate the licking behavior, and most of these products aim to relieve canine stress and boredom. Not only is couch licking common for dogs with anxiety, but you will likely see them licking other objects as well. Some will also lick their paws any time they are stressed, and this can lead to serious skin irritation for these poor pups.

5. They Have Developed A Licking Compulsion

If it seems like your dog is licking the couch at any given chance, then it is possible they have developed a form of obsessive compulsion. These dogs may appear frantic if they cannot access the couch, and they might even display forms of aggression if they are pulled away from the behavior.

If you think this could be the case for your furry friend, then it is essential to determine any possible stressors that could be present in their life. This could include a change in environment, the sudden loss of an owner, a new person in the home, being left alone for long hours, a new animal in the home, loud noises outside of your home, and any other shift in their standard environment or routine.

If you cannot determine the source of your dog’s anxiety, or you are unable to offer them any relief, then it might be time to reach out to your vet for help. Dogs with obsessive compulsive behaviors can often benefit from anxiety medication, so it may be worth exploring for your little one.

6. They Have An Underlying Health Condition

If your dog is struggling with an underlying medical condition that is causing nausea, then this could cause them to lick and eat strange objects. While couch licking could be one of their main symptoms, you will typically notice other behavioral changes as well. These symptoms can include a change in appetite, a change in their thirst levels, weight changes, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and even coat changes. If your dog is experiencing other strange symptoms in addition to their couch licking, then we always suggest reaching out to your vet for guidance.

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