The Average Donkey Life Cycle that you never know #amazing #animal #ad #OMG

The Average Donkey Life Cycle that you never know #amazing #animal #ad #OMG

The Average Donkey Life Cycle that you never know

The donkey life cycle is similar to other mammals. The mothers are pregnant and grow the babies until they are ready to be born into the world. Let’s explore this life cycle in greater detail! 


Male donkeys, also known as jacks, achieve sexual maturity between the ages of 8 months to one year. Jennets can go into heat for the first time between the ages of 8 months and 2 years. 

Once pregnant, a donkey’s gestation duration is normally around 12 months, however, it can range from 10 to 14 months. Donkeys have only one foal every birth. Twins are only seen in a few circumstances.

New Born Foals

Unlike other mammals, equine babies are quite developed at birth. This means that the foal will begin standing up within the first hour. They will even begin walking and running on the first day. Although they will be depending on their mother’s milk for nourishment, foals have teeth and will begin eating plants at a few days old.

Weaning Stage

After about 4 or 6 months, the mother will begin to wean her foals off her milk. At this point, the donkeys will begin to continue to grow and will rely on plants and other food sources to make up for their mother’s milk. This is the final stage before the donkeys are officially considered adults. 


Donkeys will begin to resemble adults at the age of two. But they do not reach full size or maturity until they are between the ages of three and five. When a donkey has reached adulthood, its bones will have finished growing. Finally, when their second set of teeth comes in, the donkey is officially an adult. 

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