See a Donkey Protect a Herd of Sheep From 2 Pitbulls

See a Donkey Protect a Herd of Sheep From 2 Pitbulls

In a beautiful yard full of green grass and a pile of lumber, you see two dogs approaching. One doggie is brown, and one is white. They both also have noses to the ground like they are conducting an investigation or are trying to put an animal to the scent they are tracking. The greenness of the grass shows the contrast between both dogs’ fur. While the two dogs are together, they prefer doing their own thing. Neither seems to be the leader of the two-dog pack.

As they get closer to the sheep, you notice the donkey is already paying close attention to the dogs. Almost a dozen sheep are watching in the same direction as the donkey to see what unfolds. The sheep are of all sizes and ages. It looks like a tiny village worried that a battle was about to rage through their city walls. The donkey doesn’t wait for them to be close to the sheep. It goes to get a better look at the situation. Slow and firm, the donkey keeps a watchful eye on the brown dog. It’s almost like the donkeys, were saying something like, “Hey what are you doing on my lawn?”

This donkey also acts like you would imagine a herding dog to behave. No one told the donkey they were a donkey, not a herding dog. The brown dog runs around the donkey, trying to avoid a confrontation with something significantly larger than them. However, the donkey follows the brown dog, who is heading toward the sheep. Although it appears he is running to the sheep, the brown dog is just running through the sheep to get away from the donkey. It’s like the brown dog was curious and then feels a little fear. The brown dog made better choices in this situation, running as far away from the sheep as possible.

Good thing this doggie wasn’t looking for trouble! Once the brown dog is away from the sheep, the white dog takes a run through the sheep. The dog gets close to the sheep and seems to be testing the waters. It’s like the dog wants to see how close the donkey will let them get to the sheep before they get a big buck from a hoof. While the dog isn’t trying to attack, the donkey takes no chances and keeps his nose a few feet away from the dog.

The white dog zooms in and out of the herd of sheep, and the donkey also stays right on the dog’s tail. After the white dog decides the donkey may not be the best animal to play with, both dogs take off to leave the sheep alone. The donkey’s defense warded off the possible enemy attacks. It’s a good thing these dogs were easily deterred from attacking the sheep. Donkeys have a powerful kick that they will use in several situations, like feeling their territory is being invaded or threatened. You can tell by the donkey’s actions that they already felt uneasy about their territory being invaded.

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