Rural dogs mating in my village

Rural dogs mating in my village

Dogs have a greater variance in behavioral and physical variation than any other land mammal, including wolves. Dogs have starch gel electrophoresis of red blood cell acid phosphatase. They also have smaller, compressed and crumpled tymphanic bullae. Physically, they have a more domed forehead and “stop” between the nose and forehead.

Wolves have a more prominent temporalis mususscle (the muscle that closes the jaws) and do not have dew claws on their back legs. Dogs lack a pre-caudal gland and go into estrus twice instead of once a year. Whereas dogs usually have brown eyes, wolves have amber or pale-colored eyes. Their skin is thicker and their paws are half the size of those of a wolf.

Some house plants are poisonous to dogs, including Begonia, Poinsettia and Aloe Vera. Many human food items are indigestible or toxic to dogs, such as chocolate, onion, garlic, macadamia nuts, xylitol and nicotine. Diet-wise, dogs are omnivores and can handle a diet with more starch in it than a wolf, which is more strictly carnivorous.

Watch the video below to see Rural dogs mating in my village


Rural dogs mating in my village

I and my siblings were just walking around our neighborhood or around our house, and we spotted a 4 leg snake. I was confused when I first spotted the snake. I called my siblings and they warn me not to go near the snake.

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