Python eats Alligator 02, Time Lapse Speed x6

Python eats Alligator 02, Time Lapse Speed x6

Very interesting video, they have found cases in the Florida Everglades where the gator had clawed through the snakes body with their hind legs, however I believe in each incident both snake and gator were deceased, the gator from suffocation (head stuck inside) and the snake from the severe traumatic injuries. Thanks for sharing!

What kills me is that the alligator was still alive as it was getting swallowed.  Considering how long alligators can go without air, I wonder when the alligator stopped kicking.  I have a feeling that was filmed in South Florida where the burmese python  population has exploded.

Its really quite amazing considering its not actually the Snakes natural habitat   And it kind of is for the Alligator    The Pythons have  adapted themselves  unite well  in the Florida Everglades   I read  that studies  are.  Believing that the Burmese Pythons  are  being blamed for depleting  the population of wild Hares  throughout the Everglades  as well  the studies have always attracted my arrest ion because i lived in Florida for a number  of years  before the Pythons  began taking over  like they have done

Video Python eats Alligator 02, Time Lapse Speed x6


That is unfuckingbelievable.  I can't believe it can even MOVE after that.  I wonder if anything's ever attacked a python while going through something like that.  They've got to be incredibly vulnerable during the process.

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