How do pig artificial insemination training

How do pig artificial insemination training

Pig: The Animal’s Habitat
Domestic pigs are descendants of the wild boar, Sus scrofa, and the Sulawesi warty pig, Sus celebensis. The two swine species diverged from their closest ancestor approximately 500,000 years ago. It is believed that the first pigs originated in China and the Middle East. Wild stocks from which modern domesticated pigs descended are still found in the forests of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

It is believed that the first pigs were introduced to North America during the second voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492; they first hit the mainland of the continent around the year 1500. They are believed to have been first domesticated roughly 40,000 years ago, making them among the earliest animals domesticated by humans.

These animals have thrived so well because they can survive in a variety of habitats. They are found in grasslands, rainforests, wetlands, scrublands, temperate forests, and savannas everywhere in the world except for Antarctica, Northern Africa, and far northern Eurasia. They are also omnivores and will consume just about anything.

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In the wild, their ranges vary in size. The pygmy hog, for example, has a range of approximately 60 acres; the Eurasian wild hog, on the other hand, has a range that can extend to more than 7 square miles in size.

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