10 Deadliest Snake Encounters!

10 Deadliest Snake Encounters!

10 Deadliest Snake Encounters! 

From villages being terrorized by hungry pythons to brown snakes trying to join your bowling team, here are 10 stories of deadly snake encounters!

Oh my goodness a snake in the toilet is like my worst fear. I literally always check the toilet to make sure no snake is in it before I sit down. And now  I have to keep looking down at my feet to make sure no snake is gonna magically wrap around me. Fuckkk.

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This is the story of how we got bidden by a mamba so it was a green mamba so one time I was adventuring to like a place with trees to see some boom slang‘s venomous snakes and then I saw a green snake right that was a boom slang so I tried to catch it but I got bitten by a green mamba snake I almost died but there’s also a black mamba and my brother helped me and then I got to the hospital and I survived

Snakes only bite if they feel threatened. And most venomous snakes don't pump venom into you because they need to save the venom for food. I know this because I have a ball python with no eyes, a leperd gecko with one eye, a crested gecko that has sezures, and a nother leperd gecko that is over wate. These are all rescues and I am 11 years old and wants to be a herpetologist. I am very knowledgeable for my age and I have a YouTube channel dectacted to my animals. Please check it out.

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