WOW!! Best Goat Breeding at farm

WOW!! Best Goat Breeding at farm

Pygora Goat Reproduction and Life Cycle Pygora goats do not typically reproduce on their own, as they are entirely bred as domestic animals for their fleece. Katherine Jorgenson of Oregon was the first individual to combine the Angora and Pygmy goat breeds to create this variation. Domestic males have to be placed with does during two estrous cycles to get them to breed, much like other goat breeds. While these animals only require one successful breeding session, monogamy isn’t typical within a farm setting.

A doe can become pregnant between 4-6 months of age, which is when they reach sexual maturity. The pregnancy will last between 145 and 153 days before they give birth to their babies or “kids.” They typically weigh about 5 lbs. at birth. While it isn’t uncommon for a doe to have just one baby, there is a chance that she will give birth to up to three.


Producing up to a liter of milk each day, most kids should be weaned after they are 8 weeks old to get the most nutrients from their mother. Even after weaning, some farmers choose to continue milking the Pygora goat to cultivate their milk.

Regardless of gender, the majority of Pygora goats live to be 12-15 years old, and farmers can use them for both their fleece and milk until they are 10 years old.

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